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Hello! My name is Denis Medeiros 


Born in Divinópolis/MG, son of Bya and Mano, brother of Letícia, I studied in Belo Horizonte.

My journey began with photography in 2006, through advertising.

Accompanying other photographers, the way I looked at things changed and I became obsessed with small details:   transforming moments into eternals, small into big, simple into wonderful.

After a season in New York, in search of experiences and knowledge, on my return, I married Adriana and got Pedro. 

Ceramics came later (between one photograph and another). In 2018 my first batch sold very quickly. Seeing the success, I looked for knowledge in many online workshops. And all that obsession with the details came back. 

The quest for perfection emerges with lots of training. I moved to Nova Lima/MG and first set up my studio at home and then at Rua Francisco Barbosa, 310B, downtown. Today I work with open doors to the street and service by appointment.

My idea is that all Trocatapa ceramics can become family heirlooms to enrich people's lives with the warmth that only comes from handmade things.

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